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One saddle - 2 modes
A revolution in saddle design

The saddle: redefined

Learn how the BUA Saddle was created by an award winning Irish designer, made possible by aerospace technologists, and fashioned by leading craftsmen from the automotive industry.


The BUA Saddle combines all that is best in design, leading edge technology and uncompromising craftsmanship.


This saddle embodies our philosophy to do right by horse and rider and to pursue excellence in design.


 What riders say 

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 What makes a Bua Saddle 


 for the horse

 for the rider

 Key features 

Lightweight: The BUA Saddle uses lightweight materials found in aerospace and automotive industries.


High comfort: Comfort affects the performance in equestrian sports. The BUA Saddle allows horse and rider to move freely and effortlessly through their full range of motion in all gaits. 


Dynamic Tree: The BUA Saddle’s cantilevered construction recognises that the physiology of horse and rider differ. This tree material is incredibly strong and durable, but at the same time flexible enough to cushion and cradle the movements of horse and rider. This is a unique feature of the BUA Saddle.


Versatile fit: The cantilevered tree is flexible yet incredibly strong allowing it to conform to the movement of the horse while supporting the rider in a balanced position. Its flexibility and interchangeable panels allow one saddle to fit a range of sport horses.


Adjustable Suspension: The cantilevered structure offers choice. Its suspension can be tightened to create a stiffer seat or softened to create a more flexible seat.


Modular:  Because of its unique construction, the BUA Saddle’s soft components can be easily removed, allowing the saddle to be reconfigured to suit different equestrian disciplines. By choosing appropriate side panels, the BUA Saddle can be transformed from a piece of specialised show-jumping equipment into an endurance or GP saddle.


Versatile fit: One stable, multiple horses, one saddle. The Bua Saddle accommodates a range of sport horse types and sizes.


Machine washable: Saddle panels which are most effected by sweat residue are machine washable. Simply remove the cover and pop on a low temperature



Institute of Designers Ireland Award
Irish Dyson Design Award
ISPO Volvo Sports Design Award


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