Chris De Filippis - March 2021.


"As you know, I’ve been riding professionally for 25 years in several disciplines including Western, Gaited, Endurance, and most prominently as an Eventer. Each discipline requires a different type of saddle or saddles.  For the last 12 years, I’ve been a sponsee of Devoucoux saddles. I speak from this perspective, as well as from that of an equine Structural Integration practitioner, when I say that the Bua saddle has been a pleasure to use for these three months. It has fit every horse I’ve put it on, (15 or so) and those horses, some of whom have problematic backs, kissing spine and kissing spine surgery to name a few, have been happy.  


Biases and traditions run deep in the business of horses. As a riding and jumping saddle, it took a little getting used to, but my biases and concerns were eliminated the longer I kept riding in it. It locked me in like no other English type of saddle, and generally provided a consistent, comparable riding experience to the French saddles. 


In one particular experience, I spent 3 hours Fox Hunting an excited horse who danced practically the whole time. I can’t imagine his back or mine being sound after that had I been on any other saddle because of the cantilever system. for this reason among others, every barn should have at least one Bua.  


Giving this fundamentally new design of saddle a trial period will be important, especially for professionals. Like the equipment for other sports that have gone through drastic changes, this  saddle won’t look or feel like the old, but I believe it may yet be the beginning  of a new future of saddle design for our sport."



Chris De Filippis

Equine Structural Integration Practitioner  (U.S.A.)


Author of: The Everything Horse Care Book: A Complete Guide to the Well-being of Your Horse


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Kate Strankowski


I firstly have to say, I loved the saddle. 

My first impression was how light it was, and I wasn’t sure about the look of it, if I’m to be honest, but as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover.  I love the cantilevered aspect of the saddle and that it’s light weight and extremely comfortable. The interchangeability of the saddle is very important to me coming from an eventing background. Allowing to change the flaps for dressage or jumping in 5 minutes is a huge bonus. 


I spend my days riding and training my clients horses, so I tried the saddle on ‘Cami’ a 15 year old, 16hh Trakehner, who has big shoulders.  Once sitting in the saddle, I loved number one, how comfortable it was for me, but I instantly noticed how freeing it was through the shoulder for Cami and how much more forward and lengthening in her gait she was. 


I liked how there was no rocking or movement in the saddle and I could feel more of Cami underneath me and that I was moving more with her then against her. 

And not only was there an improvement in her, I felt I had much more support for my riding, keeping my leg underneath me with the hip support from the saddle to allow this. 

Overall I’m very impressed with this saddle and loved riding in it. 


Thank you,

about - KATE STRANKOWSKI has spent over 12 years competing on the New Zealand eventing circuit from prelim up to advanced level. Due to her consistent performance and high placings Kate’s 2005 official ranking was number 5 in New Zealand. Kate Strankowski was born and raised in Westchester, New York. While in America at age 8 she got her first taste of eventing, being involved in Honey Hollow Pony Club. She moved to New Zealand with her family when she was 14 giving her the opportunity to train and compete with best in New Zealand. Kate is now a full time trainer working with riders of all ages and levels. She enjoys watching her students develop and experience the highs and lows that come with eventing. To contact Kate, you can reach her by e-mail: