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Freya the Connemara,
Review by Para-Rider Heather Lemmon Kiely

I'm scared to believe it's true.        (June 2022)


Anyone following my stories will know I've been trying out the Bua Saddle


I desperately want to be able to ride without shocks or pain. I hate how I have to lean so far forward for any type of relief from impact                      ( I'm not able to rise or lower myself adequately or repetitively)


So I started researching, gel pads, cushier seats but while they could help they definitely wouldn't alleviate the problem.


I came across Bua on a forum where somebody thought they were an interesting idea and could maybe be modified for parariders. I took a look at the website and contacted Ivor, who has been amazing in helping accommodate me, as far as I know I'm his first pararider  .


It's been a journey in trying to see if this could potentially work. It has all the right ingredients. The suspension element to absorb the impact, the narrow twist, the high padded pommel, knee blocks and the adjustability for Freya. All working to keep me comfortable and upright.


I'll just say this. The proof is in the riding.


This is not just for para riders. I think of how comfortable Freya is now while I figure myself out and think of how much impact, missed beats or odd jumps can affect our horses. If I'd have known about it before I'd gotten ill I'd be writing the same praise sans pain 


I think the Bua is a game changer and really hope both people can read my story and see if the Bua could help them or their horse.


Heather & Freya 






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