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Sam Dempsey (UK/IRL)

D&L Performance Horses, Irish international event rider, CIC3*

“The Bua is a real game changer. A huge step forward to providing a more comfortable and more flexible saddle to benefit the horse and alleviate many of the back issues we see increasingly within our industry. I loved the feel of all three of the saddles I sat it in, though I admit the dressage saddle may need tweaking. The close feel of the horse, with the support of the cantilevered seat puts you in a great position to communicate with the horse. If the current designs don’t fit you, I can see the modular design leading to very easy customisation in the future.”

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Jody Hartstone (NZ)

New Zealand Grand Prix Champion Dressage Rider Winner of Tri Nations Dressage Derby South Africa 2007 International Coach of Equine Learning Theory

“The first thing that struck me when sitting in the saddle was the overall balance and comfort it provided. The saddle compressed as I sat down in it then immediately felt stable.”


“...I was impressed with the amount of feel that the saddle allowed the rider to have. It was extremely easy to gauge all four hoofbeats of the horse and have a good connection with the horse’s back via the saddle interface. It was also apparent that the horse could more easily pick up on the cues of the rider’s seat aids compared with more conventional flock packed saddles with a standard tree.”


“The Cantilevered Saddle was very comfortable to canter and jump in, offering superb reduction in concussion on the horses back if the rider sat heavily or lost balance and fell back onto the saddle.”

Daniela O'Toole (IRL)

International Show Jumper Irish Sport Team 2014

"With the BUA Saddle there is a lot of room at the withers and down through the spine, a lot more room than most other saddles and no contact which offers excellent freedom for the horse to move. I haven’t had a horse that it doesn’t fit.” 

Peter O'Toole (IRL)

EFI Level 2 Show Jumping Coach

“The BUA Saddle is suitable to nearly every horse by the way it’s manufactured. You are not directly on the horses back so they can perform better and they can bascule better over the fence... but the big thing for me is its light weight which is very important.”

Matt Dodds (UK)

Dressage & Cross Country, rider and coach

"love the way it fits the horse and gives the shoulder such great movement. The saddle feels like it will not move and the feeling in the seat is like that of a close contact, you can really feel that swing in the hind leg when schooling. So all in all very happy with it.” 

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